A range of vintage furniture finishes are available from us.


Dark Stained Finishes

This covers the two stained colours on the left of the wood sample.

This finish uses a base clear lacquer over the stained wood followed by wax where applicable.

Brown 1

This colour is shown on most of our darker furniture.

Brown 2

This optional brown colour has a hint of red.

Unstained Finishes

This covers the three unstained colours on the right of the wood sample.

These are usually achieved through tinting then clear lacquering followed by a wax where applicable.

Clear Wax

This shows the wood in its fairly pale, natural state.

Golden Rustic Wax

A rustic, rich, warm glow is achieved through this wax.

Brown Tint Wax

If you like the natural state wood but prefer a finish which is just a little darker, then this is the one for you. It doesn't have the golden colour of the rustic wax.