Large Vintage Industrial Table
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Large Vintage Industrial Table

Large Vintage Industrial Table
Large Industrial Table
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Large Vintage Industrial Table Pipe Legs

Made in our UK factory, this large vintage industrial table creates a relaxed, reclaimed-style aesthetic. Whilst shown as a 4 seater it could quite easily fit 6 down each side plus a person at each end, in a sit-and-go environment such as an office canteen area.

The modular frame makes installation simpler, saving time on site.

We can supply this large vintage industrial table in a range of colours and also in a variety of woods such as oak.

The hard-wearing surface has lots of character whilst still being smooth, facilitating easy cleaning. Several coats of matt/satin lacquer are applied during production giving a good protection layer for a busy working environment.

Pictured with this piece are our Vintage School Lab Stools.

Large Vintage Industrial Table Dimensions

320cm long (NB Top is made in 2 parts)
90cm wide
104cm high (can be made to suit your needs)

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