Zinc Top Coffee Table
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Zinc Top Coffee Table

Vintage Zinc Coffee Table
Vintage Industrial Zinc Top Coffee Table
Zinc Grafik Coffee Table
Industrial Zinc Coffee Table
Zinc Coffee Table Metal Frame
zinc table
Zinc Coffee Table

A crisply-styled zinc top coffee table mounted on a slim industrial style frame.

Unlike other examples this piece has zinc only on the top surface, exposing a wooden edge - softening the aesthetic. A wonderful constrast is struck between the imposing large area of zinc and slender steel structure below.

The zinc top is supplied with a patina that will evolve with use so that your coffee table ages, developing character.


300 x 300

600 x 600

600 x 1200

900 x 900

900 x 600

1200 x 900

Please contact us if you need a bespoke size.

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