Our vintage industrial coffee tables are distinctive and practical. Many sizes and styles are available from slim styles to more substantially-proportioned models.

Each item is handmade and will add warmth and distinction to a space. Some of the designs have a more crisp contemporary style. In addition to wooden tops we are also able to offer other materials such as glass, zinc, brass, copper and marble. This eclectic range sets aside our products from other manufacturers.


Most of our vintage industrial coffee tables are produced in a range of dimensions. Popular sizes include 120cm x 60cm and 80cm square. For large living rooms or commercial spaces we are able to make huge statement pieces including bespoke versions.

Wooden Tops & Steel Legs

Most of the models in our industrial range have wooden tops, but as mentioned above other materials are available. Besides our standard timber, oak and other wood species are also available. Thicknesses which are common include 18mm (for a crisp, sleek look) and 40mm for a substantial, sturdy appearance. We aim to produce surface finishes which ooze character but are also practical to clean and are hard-wearing; durability and style are key attributes.

Different sizes of steel material are used in the construction. Square tubing is incorporated into many models as it is robust and strong. The "old factory" aesthetic is enhanced by the visibility of welds and other fixings. A black-grey patina is on the surface of much of the metal, further emphahsising the character, sometimes rustic, of these pieces.