Industrial Home Office Desk with Shelves
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Industrial Home Office Desk with Shelves

Industrial Home Office Desk with Shelves
Modern Industrial Desk with Shelves
Metal and Wood Desk with Shelves
Character Timber Finish to Home Office Desk

Quite often it is possible to buy just the design you like in a practical sense, but not get quite the right aesthetic.

In the example of a home office desk you might find a model which has all the features you want but is in an old-fashioned style or colour.

We developed this range for people who want their workspace to function well and have a great contemporary style. It offers the versatile combination of a work-surface and shelves. Complementary to our other industrial furniture, we feel that this piece is perfect for those who work in their own house full or part time. Even if you rarely need to be remote from your employer's office, this is still a useful and handsome addition.

Being modular you can buy matching optional elements. Shelving units are available for standalone use or to be connected as part of the system. As flexibility is key you can leave some levels without a shelf and simply hang plants for a modern office feel.

The standard finish of clear lacquered steel and our character solid wood finish is shown in the photos.

The desk panel is 1200 x 600mm, whilst the shelves are 300mm deep.

The overall footprint is 1200 x 645mm.

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