Our installation at Fossgate Social Cafe Bar in York is a neat example of our vintage industrial furniture in a compact space. Vintage Industrial Furniture worked closely with the owners to develop a scheme which took advantage of the available space, maximising seating capacity and customer flow. Ensuring that this upstairs development of the bar was enjoyable for customers was a key factor. To accompany the rich upholstery table tops with a slightly more refined surface were employed. The dark wood of the bistro and coffee tables contrasts with the floor, crisply defining the seating zones.


Whilst the banquette seating is fixed, the wood and metal bistro tables can be pushed together for group dining. Regular day-to-day usage of the tables is as single units, allowing couples and smaller groups to have snacks and light meals from the newly installed kitchen. The substantial, weighty nature of both the coffee and pedestal units allows them to be moved easily but discourage "drifting".

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