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New River Sport & Leisure opened after a £4M transformation project. General Manager shown in the first image welcomed our photographer to the completed venue.

Based in White Hart Lane London, the cafe at the site was almost entirely fitted-out with solid wood and metal Vintage Industrial Furniture by Rigg Ltd. Products included dining and bistro tables, bar front and behind-bar counter.

Almost all of the cafe furnishings supplied were made in-house at the Rigg factory in Kings Norton, Birmngham. This was possible due to the large array of metalworking and woodworking equipment on-hand there and the craftsmanship of the skilled staff.

Old School

An item of interest is the "old school" formed plywood chair which relies on special manufacturing techniques. Methods have been developed over the past few years in order to bring this re-born style to market. The plywood components are formed using heat and high pressure.

Industrial Chic Wood & Metal

The wood and metal tables are taken from the regular range and include the Loop Leg Dining Table and Industrial Bistro Table. A great feature of the dining table is the welded and bolted frame which allows easier transport and installation when compared to contemporaries. Rigg were also asked to provide the same treatment to the cafe serving area, including the rustic frontage and chuky, characterful counter top. Lots of other materials can be provided for table surfaces including zinc, brass and copper.

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