Over the years we have refined and embodied our trademark style into thousands of pieces of furniture for domestic and commercial clients. In buying an industrial dining table from us you are investing in a high quality product which will give many years of trouble free enjoyment. Typically the signature aesthetic is dark metal framework with a solid wood top. Our wood and metal designs tend to have a simple, understated form, making them suitable for installation in modern and period properties.


Most models are available with our popular solid wood top or oak for an extra touch of character. We can also offer other options such as birch plywood, colourful laminates and decorative metals such as zinc, copper and brass.


Look beyond the top and you realise that there is a lot to be considered when deciding which leg and frame style to choose. We do also offer wooden versions, but steel is our main offering for our industrial dining tables. Clear lacquer is applied to our steel frames which provides protection without obscuring the natural metallic grey surface. Powder coated paint finishes can also be provided to achieve an alternative "look", but the contemporary industrial chic style is typified by grey natural steel framework.


The standard sizes, offering good value are:

All 90cm wide

x these lengths:

  • 150cm (5')
  • 180cm (6')
  • 210cm (7')
  • 240cm (8')


This is a guide only and can vary between different models. Assuming seating only on the long sides these are the typical amount of seats that can be fitted on our industrial dining tables:

Size Seats
150cm 4
180cm 4-6
210cm 6
240cm 6-8

Factors which can affect this include:

  • How generous you want to be to each guest
  • You only occassionally need  extra spaces - for example for a party
  • The exact leg plan of the model - thick and/or inset legs can take away seating space
  • Whether you want to use chairs or benches - benches can be usefull to squeeze in extra people

Chairs or Benches?

As mentioned above benches can fit in a few more people - for example an extra child, without the need for an extra formal position. The downside can be that this single long seat cannot be split-up, creating inflexibility in other circumstances.

Made in England

Almost all of the products we sell are made in the UK at our Birmingham factory. We have 2 industrial facilities totalling about 15,000 sq. ft. Inside we have a huge range of modern and traditional equipment at our disposal, including a 4m x 2m CNC machine. In house we complete almost 100% of the products which we sell, including both the metalwork and woodwork elements.