Our customer services department is here to help you make an informed decision about buying from us and helping you with any issues or concerns you have.

During our working hours please do call on 0800 651 0001 FREE if you would like to speak to a member of staff. Out of hours, or if our line is busy or staff are engaged with another customer then please feel free to leave a message.

You can also go to our contact us page for more options such as the enquiry form or our postal address.

Lead-time from Order to Delivery

On most items, our lead-time from when you purchase to when you receive delivery is 6 weeks. When your order is received it is submitted to our manufacturing schedule. On some of the simpler items - such as a wall shelf for example - we can usually deliver much sooner.


In the meantime a member of staff here will contact you to arrange delivery. This will typically happen in week 1- week 3. Nearer the delivery date we will contact you to give you a time-slot. For smaller items which are sent through a courier (usually UPS) we may not be able to give you a time slot. However, if a time-slot or discussion about this is important to you then please do get in touch.

We often deliver to London and the south-east of England on Saturdays with customers having a 2 hour time-slot.

If you have a query about the delivery of an existing order then you can email dispatches at rigg.uk.

Commercial orders are usually delivered during the week, Monday to Friday to suit the business.

The majority of our dining tables and shelving units have been carefully designed to allow deconstruction/construction, aiding installation.

Unless stated to the contrary our website prices include delivery to most UK mainland places.


You can return goods to us in 7 days if you are disatisfied, with a charge towards postage/transport. It is unlikely that you will want to do this though, as we aim to please!