We have a variety of designs to appeal to those who love the aesthetic of old factory style equipment and furniture. Some of our work is also featured on our facebook page. The picture shown to the left is of our oak coffee table.

What is Vintage Industrial Furniture?

As factories have closed over the past decades these pieces were often thrown away, but nowadays people like yourself see the value in them. It can often be hard to source vintage industrial furniture original items so we design and make pieces in the same style, often using reclaimed materials. We feel that by using reclaimed materials we are all doing a bit for the environment, as well as taking advantage of the character and history inherent in them. Our work is featured on the website, but we can also create bespoke vintage furniture for you.

We think it's quite exciting that the style spans different materials, colours and textures. For example, take a look at our soon-to-be-available vintage industrial filing cabinet which looks so bright and fresh; quite a contrast to the warm tones of the reclaimed wood products.

A popular statement piece of furniture is the cart coffee table; practical, unusual and definitely a surprise for guests!

Vintage Industrial Furniture Styles

We offer several styles across a range of furniture types, including vintage coffee tables, vintage storage and vintage shelves. Our items are often constructed from reclaimed wood and angle iron. Some of our items have wheels or castors in metal or sometimes rubber.

Our industrial bookcase is an individual piece of furniture giving a unique feel to the room space.

Find us on SalvoWeb and also our vintage industrial furniture page there.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please feel free to contact us.